Advantages of using a refractometer versus a titration

Advantages of using a refractometer versus a titration

Matt East

Whether you are using a refractometer or titrating both become increasingly inaccurate based on contamination. Titrations can be inaccurate as alkaline and acid contamination enters the system. Refractometers can be inaccurate when excessive contamination starts to impact the refractive index.

A refractometer will measure the  "percent solid", the concentration of a solid substance in water or other fluids. Light slows down or speeds up as it enters a fluid, depending on the density of the sample. By sending light through a fluid sample, a refractometer can be used to determine the speed of this refracted light and report it using various scales .

Advantages using a refractometer versus a titration:

  • Versatile – Use on a variety of Industrial Fluids that are water dilutable
  • Inexpensive – Low initial Cost and low levels of Maintenance
  • Immediate Results – Have results immediately and can react immediately
  • Operation – Easy and Portable!

In the end, it is important to develop a consistent process that works for your individual plant.