What is a Hand Sanitizer NDC code and why should I care?

What is a Hand Sanitizer NDC code and why should I care?

Kimberly Hartzel

Hand Sanitizers are drugs and safe use of them should not be treated lightly. There have been many recalls of hand sanitizer and reports of ingestion of hand sanitizer with methanol that have led to methanol poisoning. Substantial methanol exposure can result in nausea, vomiting, headache, blurred vision, permanent blindness, seizures, coma, permanent damage to the nervous system or death.

In this post we will help you figure out if your hand sanitizer drug is registered with the FDA so you can guarantee the safest level of hand sanitizer protection. The most important way to guarantee safe products is to pay attention to the NDC code for your Hand Sanitizer product.

What is an NDC Code?

Hand Sanitizer National Drug Code (NDC), serves as a universal product identifier for drugs and also for Hand Sanitizer. The NDC Code is a unique 10 or 11 digit, 3-segment numeric identifier assigned to each medication listed under Section 510 of the US Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. The segments identify the labeler or vendor, product and trade package.

Why is Having an NDC Code Important?

When you have the entire NDC code which should be found on hand sanitizer packaging you can find the company who manufactured or repacked your hand sanitizer. DO NOT purchase any hand sanitizer without an NDC code or you will not be sure where your product was produced or if your Hand Sanitizer has been recalled or not.

The first segment of the NDC code is the labeler code, and is assigned by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) upon submission of a Labeler Code Request. A labeler is any firm that manufactures, repacks or distributes a drug product. The second segment is the product code and identifies a specific strength, dosage form, and formulation for a particular firm. The third segment, the package code identifies package forms and sizes. 

The code should look like this:

Once you have the code just go to the FDA National Drug Code Directory:


Select NDC code from the drop down menu and input the code you found from your product.


Your search results will be shown as below:

Be an informed consumer. As with other products, many times the cheaper the product the lower the quality. Without an NDC code, the hand sanitizer might be coming from overseas and the less protections you will receive. Some companies are also picking up recalled products and trying to sell them for a much lower price. Without an NDC code your product could be a resold or recalled product without your knowledge.