Fusion Clean 19 is an alkaline cleaner developed for hard surface, spray wash applications. Fusion Clean 19 can also be used in soak tank operations with some agitation. This complex blend of surface active ingredients aggressively lifts particulate soils and more importantly, prevents their redeposition on the cleaned surface. Fusion Clean 19 is safe with Ferrous and Aluminum metals and provides good in process corrosion protection. In addition, low foam characteristics are maintained in spray washers without the need for high heat. This unique technology was developed to meet today’s strict cleanliness standards for removal of particulate soils without the need for mechanical or ultrasonic cleaning equipmentSuperior in-process rust protection.

  • Low foam
  • Removes a wide variety of soils (including chlorinated paraffin)
  • Oil/Soil Rejecting
  • Economical
  • Buy more drums and save on shipping! Shipping cost is the same whether you buy 1, 2, 3 or 4 drums.

NOTE: Your facility must have a loading dock in order to accept delivery of the drum or tote products. 

​*SDS Sheets available upon request at: sales@fusion-chemical.com *

Fusion Clean 19 Heavy Duty Cleaner, Alkaline cleaner developed for hard surface, spray wash application

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