Fusion Mist is highly recommended for mistcooling any metal or alloy where tougher machining condition require stronger lubricity. It is especially useful where tool pressure is exceptionally high or where material is very abrasive. Fusion Mist provides extra lubrication needed to protect the cutting edge of the tool. Fusion Mist ensures excellent service in most general purpose flood cooling applications.

  • Mistcooling any metal or alloy
  • Will fill most of your general mist and flood coolant needs
  • Eliminates double coolant inventory
  • Cuts storage space requirements
  • Reduces costs
  • Buy more drums and save on shipping! Shipping cost is the same whether you buy 1, 2, 3 or 4 drums.

NOTE: Your facility must have a loading dock in order to accept delivery of the drum or tote products. 

*SDS Sheets available upon request at: sales@fusion-chemical.com *

Fusion Mist-Improved coolant for Mist and Flood Cooling

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